Humor, Happiness, and Tackling Human Flaws

Listening to Bees

Everything is in bloom in Sonoma County.  As I sit outside and quiet my mind I can hear all the sounds of spring. Somewhere off in the distance I can hear the cathedral chimes – they just tinged 12 noon and clear skies sound-stream travelers as they fly across my western state. Lawn mowers, birds, and traffic are flowing somewhere in the background, but it’s the bees I hear best of all.

If I close my eyes the buzzing of my blooming trees gets stronger, thicker, and almost orchestral. I’m not sure when scientist became worried about bees disappearing, but rest assured scientific methodologists…I’ve found them – they’ve moved into my backyard.

Sounds are interesting. Close your eyes and listen. Listen carefully. Hopefully you are impressed with the beauty and romance you hear.




Falling to Satisfy the Heart

Kermit the Frog had it right, “It ain’t easy being green”.

True Kermit…too true.

Change is hard. Looking at something from different angles can take on new and exciting possibilities or it can become the paralyzing white (or green if you will) light in the brain’s frontal lobe.

I’ve always found that in order to be able to move forward I first have to fall. It’s painful, but it shifts my mind into new areas of passion.  I don’t truly know what I want until I fall.

Our passionate refusal to quit the changing process forces the world to provide more input, more creativity, and more knowledge to satisfy the heart.






Finding Courage

Over the weekend I spent time reading, The Undiscovered Self by C.G. Jung while listening to massive amounts of Lily Allen. Their viewpoints are as different as my right and left hand. Thinking about people, philosophies, and cultures mixed with different styles of music has been my mode of sorting through my future for years. Maybe it’s not the most efficient way to go about planning my life, but it’s my way and it got me thinking…

We all have our own way of deciphering the world of people, emotions, and career opportunities.  Hopefully our already established relationships with loved ones and colleagues is one that is balanced.  After all, these acquaintances have gone through a trial period and we chose to keep them in our lives.  But what about that group of people who are on the outskirts?

It can become difficult navigating through the muddy waters of new relationships because the ease of backing out is right out of finger tips. It all boils down to balance and courage.

-Find your courage to step into the unknown

-Find your courage to step into the known

Good Luck,








Shake It Up!

I have a student who displays almost a 6th sense of when to spout off the most random generic phrases known to the English language. Regardless of the situation, I can always count on him to share what’s on his mind.

One story that I clearly remember was when a little girl came into my classroom to get an ice pack. She wore a huge frown and had tears streaming muddy lines down her cheeks. She had bumped her head and had a swelling goose-egg forming on her temple. As I helped her the rest of my class clearly knew this was a serious situation and were as quiet mice while they watched me comfort her and help her collect herself. As she turned to leave my classroom, this little guy of mine got up and moved to follow her to the door. He then called her name, gave her the “check ya later” hand signal, winked at her, and then nodded his head while he told her to, “Stay Cool!”.

This little girl and I simultaneously froze and slowly turned around to look at him. Her face read utter confusion. Then she and I looked at each other and then slowly back at him in wonderment. He was still confidently nodding and smoothly smiling – cause it was all good in his world! Then she and I both busted out laughing. I mean – what else could we do?

Bottom line:

random can make us laugh

offbeat can change perspectives

unexpected generates release to shake things up

so shake it up!




Subconscious Cappuccinos

Happiness can be found in many different forms. Maybe it’s in expensive tastes, humble beginnings, big elaborate happenings, or small gestures – but happiness can be found. I promise!  I routinely find a small piece of happiness at 4:00 p.m. in my cappuccino mug.  Espresso is sort of the next love in my life…but who keeps track of that lovey-dovey stuff anyway?

In my earlier years I was a barista. I worked my tail off learning all the details of coffee blends and various brewing methods to experience the whole coffee-house atmosphere in my hands, head, and heart.

Outcome: I learned that working with my hands is a subconscious processor for me. When ideas are out in space the knowledge feels so very far removed from the composite of which I know they are – and then I engage my hands – and now I’m able to sort, sift, and organize my thoughts.

Super Simple…Super Cool.






When Your Gaslight Turns On

My house is a construction zone with new hardwood flooring being installed and I am basically writing from an island. One chair was left in my house. It’s my sanctuary today, but it will be gone tomorrow.  Tomorrow night I foresee myself in a hobo-esque style roaming from room to room with my laptop looking for a cozy place.

So…First day back in the classroom after a great spring break and this girlfriend is tired. Teaching can be draining, but very rewarding…but did I mention draining? I think one of the most important things to realize about one’s self is knowing when you hit empty. How do you recoup at then end of a long, long, looooooong day?

Me?  I try to pump as much music into my brain as possible to fill my energy level back up to fighting form. Just closing my eyes and drifting off into the world of beats quickly starts the rejuvenation process…and a glass of wine doesn’t hurt either.








… and the Cat

… and the Cat

No one knows what the cat is thinking. – m Re: Asking, Requesting and the Cat

Asking, Requesting and the Cat

Have you ever had someone ask if you would help out and you just wish they would be forward enough to say, Hey, I need your help and I’d like to request your assistance.”  Or maybe you’ve had someone tell you to do something and it takes you a split second to look over your shoulder before looking that other person square in the eyes to say, “You’re kidding, right?”

I’ve narrowed down some of the ways people communicate –  so here we go:


Sometimes it’s important to ask someone if they’d like to help you or go somewhere with you.  Maybe you’d ask them to join in on an adventure or help you make a work decision. The person being asked feels needed, but understands the final decision rests within his/her own power to accept or decline.

- He asked her out for a drink and she said -yes!”

- He  asked her if she’d wash the dishes and she said -no!


Then there are requests. Requests are as equally important in our day-to-day living, but they unfold differently. When one requests your presence, your input, your undivided attention, or maybe even a song on the radio – it stems from a deep level of trust, comfort, and command. Think of requesting as stepping out of the driver’s seat and telling that other person…I can’t do this without you.  Be careful in your requests though or else people might feel you are taking away their free will.

- She requested he give up his friends.  :-(

- He requested she not give up and she didn’t.  :-)

and the Cat

Then there are cats. Wild cards.  No one knows what the hell a cat is thinking. It’s a mystery – a case by case scenario that we must simply figure out as we go along. It’s real-time.  It doesn’t follow patterns, rules of engagement, or coding. One is simply in the moment and working off instinct. Meeeow!   _^.^_

Good Luck,


Wind-Up Dolls and Action Figures

When I was young I had a doll with a pull string on her back. I named her Beans because she was sort of like a bean bag. She would only talk if you pulled the string on her back.  Other than that she would just lounge around in my bedroom all day being a bum until someone pulled her string again. Beans spoke about seven phrases of which I could only decipher about three. For all I know she’s was talking smack about me behind my back for years. She never really made play fun, she was frustrating, she was lazy, and she was of poor design.

This got me to thinking:

The wind-up doll or if that’s too feminine – the Star Wars action figure with the push-button on his back that slashes the plastic light saber up and down (I had him too) –  is a bit human nature. One partner turns the key on the other partner’s back and vice versa. Partners then set out upon the agreed trajectory in order to achieve a common goal, but if it lacks fun, seems boring, or feels lazy – then the design will fail.

Who do we want turning our keys when we go into production mode?

Happy Friday,


The Quest Begins

Tearing at the seams,

Bright light speaks to us and says,

Go and learn new things.

Stay Brave,


(Mary Bedient, March 20, 2014)


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