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Saturday Inspiration: Staying True to Your Work and Your Ideas

Last night I announced to my family I was planning to runaway with Tom Ford. Okay – so I’m not really running away with Tom Ford, but a girl can dream, right?

This fashion designer has been hands-down the inspiration I’ve needed in my 2015 life. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to board our invisible Wonder Woman jets bound for London or wherever your inspiration lives to spend time and hear the words straight from the mouths of those who inspire us? Just to listen and absorb would hardly be something to pass up.

This made me start thinking about mentoring.

Inspiration for me comes from creative, work-based thinkers, but here is where I need help. When looking for a place to peel off into new ideas, like-minded mentors are hard to find.  Some are too kooky, some are too rigid, some are too mean, some are too sappy, and some are just full of sh*t.

Like-mindedness doesn’t mean that you agree on everything, however it does mean that you and another person agree on the big overall visions. The rest is just conversation, relationship building, and business plans.

How we actualize our constellations is partly based and whom we choose to help us connect the stars and how we go about the connection process.  Too abstract?  Ok.  Find people who think like you and start firing off questions in order to get your plans into reality – oh, and always remember to smile!

Good Luck,


Last Day at the Coast…Until Next Time




Poaching in Action


Bundles of Yummy!


Les Poissons


Sonoma County ~ Russian River~ Chardonnay


Salmon Trimmings


Tie Up the Apron Please!


Talk to Me Baby…or Don’t Talk at All

Tonight I read an interesting article on the assumptions educators hold. One of the assumptions was: If a person does not verbalize his/her knowledge he/she does not hold that knowledge or understanding.

Ok, hold the phone – Let’s just ponder that idea for a good long second.

Here it is again: If a person does not verbalize his/her knowledge he/she does not hold that knowledge or understanding.

Hmmmm…??? I think I’ve had this conversation before.

This is the point in my evening when I take out my earrings, unclasp my watch, pull off my bracelets and rings, and curl up in my favorite chair to listen to my Destroyed album by Moby in order to bleed my soul into the idea of communication.

Regardless of verbal or nonverbal language, we are all talking and we are all listening. I can’t imagine saying everything precisely how I see it in my mind and besides, so many things don’t need to be said in order to pick up on the gist of the meaning. Many might disagree with me, however I ask – If we all stopped talking, would we be able to get what we want using body language?

I’ll extend the pool even further because I don’t believe it’s just a teacher thing.  People in general seem to measure knowledge by the language they verbalize. How much truth is there in the words we speak vs. the information we put out in body language? Does one have the upper edge over the other? Some days I think I have the answer to this question and other days it makes me want to crush concrete in the palms of my hands, spit out a few swear words, and shrug my shoulders.

Today I taught an entire math lesson without the use of words. I played classical music in the background as my students watched me model the lesson and complete the arithmetic required. I didn’t talk except for when I told them I wasn’t going to talk. Their attention to detail spiked dramatically and each student watched me like their lives depended on it.

Voila! Success!Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.04.04 PM

What is your best mode of communication?

Are you more of a “talker” or more of a “sensor”?

Wednesdays are great days.


My Beautiful Northern Pacific Coast


Getting Down to the Beach Via Rope and Ramp


Nature Finds


Four Women in 1930’s Fashion

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.08.01 PM

Morning Dew


Northern California Coast


Child Labor Laws…Breaktime


Baby Mountain


Sounds to Remember ~ A Challenge

As my family and I headed back home from our trip, we drove along the Pacific Coastline on Highway 1. This trip never gets old for me. We wind and twist our way back home and it’s always breathtaking.  As the passenger, I am on the cliff side, which makes me wince on and off as we hit hairpin curves and descend down the rolling hills of Sonoma County.  I’m pretty sure I say my fair share of Hail Mary’s each time we descend.

It’s easy to get swept away in life (and yes, this may sound a little girlie) but I’m pretty sure I’m good at it.  I can easily fall in and out of my thoughts and drift away. I chalk it up to being too imaginative.  I’m glad to be busy again – back doing the things that I love best…listening.

At the coast, I kept thinking about all the different sounds I heard while at the ocean. The limited interference of city sounds enhances Mother Nature’s voice and ohh my…she has a lot to say. Sunday night the ocean whipped up some incredible sound. As I was lying in my bed, I could hear the grinding bass of the ocean chewing down on the shoreline. It wasn’t just the sound of the crashing waves – it was deep rumblings and heavy shifts in the earth that worked across the land and met me as I lay on my pillow.

Earlier that day my husband and I hiked to view the “lawn mowing crew” that had been hired to clear off the grassy hillside. This crew was loud and yes…child labor was working at its finest. Hundreds of sheep and goats of all kinds were snapping away at the landscape.  I will never forget the sound of these guys snapping at the ground. The baby lambs were so naughty as they head butted each other and postured themselves to be “King of the Mountain” on the smallest little cluster of rocks in the patch. Nonetheless they still wanted to push to the top – I know the feeling.  I named their patch of rocks – “Baby Mountain”. It was very entertaining to watch them hop around on all four little hooves like little hop frogs.


Think of a sound that is unforgettable to you. Close your eyes and think hard.   My favorite sound will forever be when my son was little and he would start giggling so hard he would (like clockwork) start to hiccup.

Good Luck,


Strawberry Mornings


A Diamond In the Rough


Outside My Window


Look But Don’t Touch!!!


Knock Knock ~ Is Anyone Home?


Vacation Station & Summoning Courage

Vacation is a wonderful rejuvenator and a place where one can hit life’s reset button or one can continue on with their good works. I am continuing on with the good works part. I have two days until grad classes start back up and I am incredibly excited to see old friends and pick up new conversations.

These past couple of days here on the coast have been filled with hiking, deep conversations, exploring nature, good food, great wine, and incredibly fresh shopping. The first night here at our house the power went out and we were locked in complete darkness…imagine that!

When we all awoke the next morning we realized exhaustion had been creeping upon us for weeks now and we slept like babies.

No electricity = great sleep!  Hmmmm….the holidays were amazing – but exhausting.

On my various ocean hikes I’ve been thinking about what my next big blogging topic will be in 2015 and I keep coming back to the same thing…courage. Courage is a biggie, so I will probably be writing about it over a span of time and hopefully gaining more insight from readers and friends on how to summon courage.

Enjoy the pictures! If you’ve never been to the Northern California Coast…welcome to my little piece of heaven.


Christmas Crusaders & a Changing of the Guard

To all the Christmas crusaders still rocking their twinkling lights on their rooftops – I say to you…keep rockin’ it!  It reminds us that beauty will forever remain in the eye of the beholder.

When the lights do come down though, there is a subdued feeling of hesitancy.  I call it the changing of the guard.  This can mean different things to different people.  For some it might be changing jobs, or for others changing attitudes, maybe a change of inspiration, or maybe it’s simply changing a dirty diaper, but regardless what our change is –  it comes from the straight and narrow.

It is nice to hear a loved one ask, “Are you ready for me to take over now?” and for us to simply reply, “yes…”

I head out to the coast today to hand over the keys.  I will be focusing on changing my own guard within my writing.  In my heart and in my head, I’ve thankfully moved out of 2014 and into 2015.

Happy Friday,


Skulls by Röyksopp…Spooky, but Intoxicating

Soaring Heart

Does anyone else out in blogsville love it when their phone chimes out a familiar “like” tune or even better – a “new follower” ring?  My heart soars and my appreciation flows!  Thank you for reading my blog!



Channeling Our Realities

I love California!

Though I’m not native to the state, I’m convinced it is the closest place to my heaven. Today was not what I expected. Maybe I should check my horoscope because I’m pretty sure the stars are aligning to take me on a road-trip.

On my run tonight I realized people need channels to help process information.

My channels help funnel my thoughts into poetry.  At present, it’s almost like I’m stumped on how to get the words out of my head at a fast enough rate.  Music and running are my 2 main channels, but I’m certain I have a 3rd and 4th out there somewhere.

In music, lyrics have always been highly important to me because I’m always listening.  Running? Well, running just pounds the intensity out of my head with each and every footstep. Rhythm reigns supreme, harmony holds my attention, major smiles down on me, and minor presses, and melody…oh baby, melody makes me roll over every morning with a smile on my face.

I’ve always been hesitant to post my poetry in this blog because it feels like total exposure and that is a vulnerable place for me to reside, however I’m tinkering with the idea…call it a “muse” thing.

Any suggestions?

Dear World,

I’ll take any suggestions at present moment.



Reading Thursday Morning…

Think of all the exciting and difficult things that might happen today and know that you are being understood by someone, something, or some force beyond tangibility.  The hardest part…reading it all.

Good Luck,


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