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The Soufflè Boogie Monster

Sunday night always comes too fast!  Every weekend I make enormous plans, all of which include running 2+ miles on Saturday and Sunday, and all of which do not happen on neither Saturday nor Sunday.

 Ahhh, le weekend!

Sleeping in, late morning coffees, listening to albums, shopping, watching movies, sitting with my kitties and dog in beautiful Sonoma County, listening to countless tales from my soon to be high school son and pouring over cookbooks with my husband.  

This brings me to my next point.  

I’ve come to the soufflé chapter in my new cookbook (gulp) and rather than smack all upside the head with a bunch of cheesy similes about life being like a soufflé, I will simply say…they terrify me.

…Courage woman!  Pull it together!!!

I promise I will overcome the Soufflé Boogie Monster, however I’m not sure when that will happen, but at least I bought the darn pan to bake the dang monster in!  




How Did You Get In? Lil “P”!

Little Peple

Little Peple

Mon Déjuener!


Chobani’s Afternoon


King of the Jungle


Hibiscus Blossoms


Sonoma County – Lake Ilsanjo


Look What the Cat Brought Home


Key Lime Butterfly

Key Lime Butterfly

A Betty Crocker Tornado

Every so often I get slammed with what I like to call “domestic fever”. This is when I dig into my house and after a few hours I’ve brought about a Betty Crocker tornado of fresh linens, sun tea, homemade pies, spotless floors, polished furniture, and a green manicured lawn.

Clear out – Dust off – Propagate!

In the time it takes to rehabilitate my house, I can process through my life, my husband’s life, my son’s life and after all that…my cat’s life, my other cat’s life and my dog’s life. After all that thinking I somehow feel I have also (quite possibly) solved some of humanities more pressing issues.

Hit the reset button – smile – look at all the beauty around you – and start over…because we can always start over, rework the impossible, and move forward.

Yesterday was yesterday…but today?

Today is right now!

Good Luck,


Glittereyed by Daniel Clarke

Glittereyed, 2005 by Daniel Clarke

Glittereyed, 2005 by Daniel Clarke

The Language of Summer

Summer brings out all sorts of change to the domestic environment. For example: dinner is served later than usual to combat summer heat, sparkling water shows up in the refrigerator to change up hydration, and Fridays always seem like vacation days – always. There’s a sense of inhibition and relaxation that flows from the sun and seeps deep into our skins forcing us to all speak the same language…the language of summer.

This got me thinking…

As you pass by your fellow pedestrians and shoppers on these hot summer days and cool summer nights – pay attention. If you are able to translate mankind’s summer language…fabulous and kudos on your attention to detail! :)

Good Luck,


Concert Night- Robyn & Röyksopp San Francisco, CA


Orange Creme Tarte


Blooming Kitchen


These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things


Fresh cut grass, orange zest, and Herbes de Provence. Three things we love because they bring out the feelings of home. What do these three look like?

1.  A freshly mown lawn = watching our children learn how to mow the grass.

2.  Orange Zest = Orange Creme Tarts

3.  Herbes de Provence = Sprinkled over potatoes in the oven to accompany steaks on the grill.

Throw in a little music, a glass of wine, and loved ones (maybe even a little FIFA playing in the background)…lovely!




SoCal Ingredients

SoCal Ingredients

Kitchen Prep

Kitchen Prep

Luring Hummingbirds


Luring Butterflies

Summer Backyard Flowers

Orange-Lemon Zested Raw Sugar – Sparkly and Aromatic

Orange-Lemon Zested Raw Sugar - Sparkly and Aromatic

SoCal Bound

Nothing is more enlightening than the airport.

SFO has a mish-mash of summer break college students, yoga enthusiasts, tired looking moms, and stressed business men and in the background a million different languages are sounding. Beautiful!
The radio at the check-in is pumping Ke$ha and Pink. Ok- not so beautiful, but definitely energizing.

Summer is here.

What are your plans?
San Diego!


Gordon Ramsay and the Swedish Chef

So much fun!

Do It Again – Röyksopp & Robyn

New from the Do It Again Tour


Reopening of the Chat Noir Cabaret, 1896 by Theophile Alexandre Steinlen

The New Cat in Town

There’s a new cat in the neighborhood!

No, Literally.  There really is a new cat in my neighborhood.

In fact, there are a few new cats in my neighborhood – all super dumb, all super nasty, and all super bold. I have heard nothing but horrid yeowls and mindless spitting outside my living room window for the past couple of nights and as I sit and listen to all this ridiculousness I am reminded of this…

If you’re going to swat at the enemy – have a point.  If you’re going to circle with the enemy – it’s better to dance and if you’re going to spit – well then it’s probably better to just be a nasty old cat – because yuck…that’s just bad manners!

Happy Monday,


Goalie of the Genova Team

Bring It!

Bring It!

My FIFA World Cup Runneth Over

This weekend I went to Sephora to stock up on some summer supplies and I was excited to see all the neon colors glowing from well marketed boxes.The feature…FIFA 2014!

There isn’t much more a girl can say about neon colors than summer, Rio, and hot, hot nights. The last time I really followed the FIFA World Cup I was living in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a long time ago. I followed it faithfully. I had the schedule pinned to my refrigerator and I axed through the defeated teams without mercy.

What will FIFA 2014 bring?

Hopefully some sweat, blood, and entertainment streaming in neon colors.

I welcome FIFA 2014 like the years past.

Bring it!


The Prettiest Thing


Happy Mother’s Day

by April Harrison at

by April Harrison at

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