A Bouncing Baby

As of late, my eyes seem to be bouncing all over and if you’ve ever had this happen to you whilst reading, then welcome to the club.  This bouncing baby link feels like an old friend that has come back to say “hello”,  I’m here to make life difficult.

I encounter this in teaching a lot when trying to help students overcome dyslexic traits, but when it enters an adult’s personal life it feels like a real stress.  There is always so much to read and so much literacy to crash through and here you sit…bouncing on the page.

Rather than feel sad, inadequate, or even worse incapable, it may be time to step away from the page and try a better input source:  music, art, a good movie, a fantastic conversation can all break the chains that tie up our visual processors.

Step away…reset…and forgive Dex – the bouncing baby.  Don’t let his crying get in your way.

Good Luck,




Yesterday’s Pants

Ahh, Sunday night!  For some of us lucky individuals who are trying to prepare for the work week, our brains just found the break we’ve been looking for over the weekend.  A waltz by Shostakovich was running through my head this evening as I was doing laundry and digging through the pockets of coats and jeans to wash when I found a myriad of delightful items representing my past week actions.  

The signs of life show up in the strangest ways!  Let’s see…what were the key items of the week?  A thumb drive, a candy cane wrapper, a ticket to a concert, a list of things to not forget from Tuesday (pretty sure I forgot them), an ink pen, and my personal favorite…a confiscated letter passed in class by a student.

I treasure these little reminders of progress and humor and hope that whatever you find in your pockets are glittery and fill you with reflective joy.


Thanks for reading,


When Quitting is Quite Fitting

Quitting a thing is never easy.  Whether you quit a job, an unhealthy diet, a toxic relationship, a bad habit, or a lifestyle…it’s never easy, but sometimes necessary.

You get these frantic ideas that you will not make it, or that maybe you’ve made a mistake, or that you are letting someone down.  These ideas float around in your head and before you know it you’ve become crazy by quitting.

So how does one combat quitting?  When is quitting fitting?  There is book called the Art of Quitting, but if you’re a quitter you probably read a few lines and then quit reading.

Maybe we go back to the basics.  Think about the things in your life that you can’t easily quit because they are causing you strife.  For me:  I’d love to quit being a type 1 diabetic. I’d love to tell my cat to quit meowing like a siren.  I’d love to quit cleaning my house and even better – quit doing laundry.  I’d love to quit grading papers and I’d love to quit time restrictions.

The take away here is:  the power to quit feeling bad about everything is really the only thing we must quit.  If you know it’s bringing you down it’s probably time to raise the bar higher in order to feel better.

Thanks for reading,


To Ease Your Mambo Mind

Fatale. Devastation. Rendezvous. La Femme…all these words put to a beat.

What do these words conjure up for you?  A trafficking of disaster? A mess of emotions? A movie?

If only simple life could be put to music. Can one simply hear the deep sounds of a mambo and see nothing other than the mere bubbling of pots and pans getting ready to cook a holiday dinner? Keep it simple when the world gets too complex.



What Kind of Christmas Are You?

I wish I could say that I’m sitting here writing with white winter snow falling just outside my window, but this northern California sky seems stubborn to unleash her winter shroud. However, in the absence of that particular winter aesthetic, I am currently thinking about the upcoming holiday and how it resonates powerful emotions in each of us. Everyone handles the holidays differently, so my question is:

What kind of Christmas are you?

  1. The Christmas Caroler?  Living the holidays with a song in your heart.
  2. The Stocking Stuffer?  Better to stuff than to be stuffed!
  3. The Tinsel Fool?  Glitter = Good = Is that too much tinsel?
  4. The Festively Festive Foodie?  Gingerbread men baking at 350 for the next 30 days.
  5. The Mistletoe Romantic?  Yeah, we all see you hanging out for a smooch.
  6. The Honkey-Tonk Humbug?  Too rugged for holidays…but will bring ax to chop down tree.
  7. The Cookie Cutter Scavenger?  Antique cookie cutters bring that extra wow factor!
  8. The Melancholy Eggnog-aholic?  Bing, big hearts, and memory lane.
  9. The Nativity Chestnut?  Your Advent candles are primed and ready!
  10. The Burning Yule Log Madame/Monsieur? Better to stay in bed than brave the weather.
  11. Love Actually Addict? One Christmas movie a day until Santa comes!
  12. I Celebrate Nuthin’ ?  Never have, never will.

With all the trees to be trimmed and goodies to be had, maybe the real goal is find your fellow holiday hopeful and give thanks that you’ve found them.







Word Bank Central

So I have this approach to writing that may not be so different.  Some writers have this long list of drafts that are non-stop running banks to pull connections from. For me, I am a silent builder to the point of bursting. I build in my head, then I unleash the Kraken.

So what does this have to do with the movies?  Well I’ll tell you. It has to do with input vs output.  Do you ever hit a wall with watching movies?  How much can one person watch without export?  I’m sure there is a good quote somewhere that describes this, but I’m at a loss to find it.

We all need an outlet and writing gives us this moment.  We watch the movies, but afterward we need to share our take on the scene.  We need to share these ideas, but alas, it’s only in words.  I am quick to admit there is more to a person’s thoughts than their words, but words are a starting point.

Are you the type to share a new word?…in your language?…a word that means something to you?  If so, PLEASE share. Here is your platform.  Word bank central.

I have heard over and over that English is the universal language, but I tisk, tisk this idea. It’s important to find the best way to express your heart, your version. Language is the key and new words are capital.

Thanks for reading,


The Big Accident

So in my efforts to get my picture of Jacuzzi Moon published, I accidentally texted the wrong number and had a great conversation with a random stranger about my funny raccoon.

Come to find out his wife is fluent in French and he was married there.

The fact that these weird moments even happen are great!  The holidays are alive in California.

Thanks for reading,


Remembering Jacuzzi Moon

Last week I had a funny episode.  Two of my good friends and I had a hilarious back and forth regarding a raccoon living in my backyard.  They said, “Oh they are so cute!” The joke went further to embrace the naming process of this raccoon. The only stipulation was the name had to be a rhyming name! (Oh, French teachers are impossibly fun!)

The final result:  Jacuzzi Moon (the raccoon) – named after a big jacuzzi party.  The only issue was the name kind of sounded like a stripper name to me, which brought forth the imaginary world of raccoons living the stripper life that we took to the next level.  Hope THAT made you smile.

…..and this is why you need friends.  They will help you laugh when life is too serious.

Thanks Sandra and Evangéline for being the great women that you are!

And thank you for reading,



Peaceful Dissonance

The last step is always the hardest.

“And what is the last step?” you ask.

I reply, “Listening to that one piece of music that you’ve left by the roadside.”

Maybe you can’t bring yourself to listen to that one song that brings back memories reminding you of a certain stage in your life that you’d rather not revisit. However, maybe it’s just what the soul needs to wash your feelings into forgiveness and friendship.

Once you embrace it, you may discover it was only a song and the value of the lyrics, rhythm, tempo, and timbre were a part of you, but not all of you.  Part to Whole – Not Whole to Part.

Why and How music has this powerful hold on our emotions is far from my understanding, but I do believe it’s important (for whatever that is worth) and that bleeding out process can lead us into new understandings.

So try it.  See if you can become peaceful enemies with dissonance.

Cats On Trees – Love You Like a Love Song

Selena Gomez – version

Thanks for Reading,