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Cosmopolitan by Karen Dupre

Cosmopolitan by Karen Dupre

The Dynamics of Dreams

How often do you wake up from a dream wondering or hoping that your visuals were your reality still lingering in your subconscious? Hmmmm….?

Let’s talk sleep.

Some people barely get 5 hours of rest a night while other people can conk out for 10+ hours snoozing away into oblivion. I prefer to split my slumber between early song bird mode and late night alley cat mode, but then I have a work change quickly approaching.

Teaching Mary – gets up early and goes to bed late. Summer Mary starts off strong and then ends up pushing her life later and later…and later. I love extreme early and extreme late. The two zones are like some type of time-warp space continuum that is only seen in vintage sci-fi movies.

Dreams though are these weird visions that have to mean something. Regardless of what, when, where and why you have the dreams that you do – one should always:

1. question the symbolism

2. text or call a friend to help decode the juicy parts

3. remember the important parts because you may see them years later.



Outlook by Peter Quidley

Outlook by Peter Quidley

The coast has magical properties…(heartbeat)

Go, Baby. Go!

Go Baby…Go!

Boredom…the Kiss of Death

Ok…so how are you with summers? For those who work 9 to 5 year-round it’s probably not much of an issue, but for a teacher it can turn into the slippery slope of boredom.  I call it the kiss of death, but it’s also possible that I’m just the kind of person who likes things to be as difficult as possible and never fully attainable…so damn.

My philosophy:  

When contentment turns its wicked eye I cringe and then I remember:

- don’t settle for anything less than you are

- or anything less than you want

Get your knowledge base,

smile…(maybe even bat an eyelash or two)

…and then Go, Dog, Go!




Look Harder…You’ll Know It When You See It

Let’s face the facts…it’s agony not knowing what will happen next…and then again…we love it. The days are wonderful and learning new things is tough…and oooh my god is it ever tough.

~~Drive on for more.

More of what?

~~Whatever you want.

How does one possibly know that?

~~Easy….it’s held in the eyes, so look harder and stop talking.


with love,


Last Years’s Love…(sigh)


Lorde- A Must Have For Me




Gorgeous and Groovy


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